// FPP finger transplanter

FPP finger transplanter

The FERRARI FPP transplanter is suitable for planting a wide variety of vegetables from onions, sweet potatos, leeks, cabbages, tobacco and many others.

FPP transplanter can work either with bare root plants or seedlings in a tray.

The transplanter yield is up to 3,500 plants/hour/person (one planting unit can be fed by 2 operators if necessary)

FERRARI FPP can work both on flat ground and raised beds. 

The plant spacing in the row can vary according to the number of fingers installed on the machine:

- 10 finger planter min. cm. 23 / max cm. 77
- 15 finger planter min. cm. 16 / max cm. 52
- 20 finger planter min. cm. 13 / max cm. 77



- parallel linkage with compacting tire

- watering device

- granular applicator

- fertilizer applicator

- hydraulic folding frame

- PSC (plant spacing control - hydraulic drive)

- Front disc to open the ground

- markers

- front furrow splitters